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In 2017 Barnstable County’s Resource Development Office launched the “On Roads to Opportunity Internship Program’ placing students in unpaid internships in one of our many departments at Barnstable County, and serving as an additional resource to our colleagues.

Barnstable County Summer Internships: To Be Announced

Barnstable County will again offer students opportunities to explore career paths and gain experience in a number of departments at Barnstable County through summer internships in 2018.

These unpaid internships will each run roughly 12 weeks, from mid-May through mid-August. Undergraduates may apply for these internships beginning in April. Watch for our postings.

Internships at Barnstable County are a great way to contribute locally and to gain valuable professional experiences in a variety of contexts.


Departments potentially offering summer internships at Barnstable County are:

  • Children’s Cove
  • Commissioners’ Office
  • Cape Cod Cooperative Extension
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Human Services
  • Health and Environment
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Information Technology
  • Resource Development Office

The Resource Development Office serves as the hub for students, Barnstable County department supervisors, and academic advisors for the On Roads to Opportunity Internship Program. Our staff is available to assist in developing internship placements, monitoring the value to both students and Barnstable County, and in general, as a support to the Intern Supervisors and Interns.