Grant Writing Services for Barnstable County


In 2017 Barnstable County’s Resource Development Office launched the “On Roads to Opportunity Internship Program’. We are proud to collaborate with Bridgewater State University placing students in internships in one of our many departments at Barnstable County, the regional government of Cape Cod.

We are currently accepting applications for the Spring Semester, 2018.  Please note the selection process and timeline:


IMPORTANT: Please obtain a listing of current internship placements from Bridgewater State University prior to applying.


Some of the departments that currently offer internships at Barnstable County  are:

  • Children’s Cove
  • Commissioners’ Office
  • Cape Cod Cooperative Extension
  • Human Resources
  • Human Services
  • Health and Environment
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Information Technology
  • Resource Development Office

The Resource Development Office serves as the hub for students, Barnstable County department supervisors, and academic advisors for the On Roads to Opportunity Internship Program. Our staff is available to assist in developing internship placements, monitoring the value to both students and Barnstable County, and in general, as a support to the Intern Supervisors and Interns.