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Grant Writing Services for Barnstable County

  • Detective Michael G. Zontini – Yarmouth Police Department

    "I want to reiterate how working with Bobbi and Quan was nothing short of fantastic.  I know how busy you are and I appreciate the time you took for us, to guide us through a process we had never done before.  I am very optimistic about the grant and will continue that frame of mind until I hear differently. I will absolutely keep you up-to-date when I hear something."


  • Mike Maguire, Director – Cape Cod Cooperative Extension

    "RDO provides a one stop shop for our department, providing a collaborative and cohesive approach to grant seeking and grant management. Development officers go above and beyond to find appropriate and likely funding sources, provide technical assistance with writing, submission through portals, assembly of state and federal document assurances, among many other required grant procedures. When the grants are awarded and a contract is executed, RDO management officers are there to assist the department with expense tracking, matching fund documentation, invoicing, fiscal reports, and end of year and end of grant closeout procedures. RDO’s technical expertise streamlines the application and management process leading to higher application success rates and a more streamlined management approach."

  • Stacy Gallagher, Director – Children’s Cove

    "The RDO grant writing team has proven success of securing grant funding.  They have been an asset to Children's Cove for technical assistance and oversight of grants."

  • Sean M. O’Brien, Coordinator – Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee

    “The Barnstable County Resource Development Office has supported emergency planning efforts for Barnstable County since receiving the award of our first Homeland Security Grant in 2003. They have partnered with the Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee to provide millions of dollars of funding for equipment, supplies, training opportunities and services for the public safety and public health agencies in the fifteen communities in Barnstable County. Cape Cod is a leader in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for emergency preparedness planning efforts.”