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Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Internship – Aquifer Project Intern

Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Internship – Aquifer Project Intern

This position is available during the spring, summer and fall semesters of 2019. 

The Cape Cod Cooperative Extension is seeking an Aquifer Protection Project Intern for Spring, 2019. Applications for the Spring 2019 semester are due by December 15, 2018.

The Aquifer Protection Intern will work with the Water Quality and Hazardous Materials program, and alongside the Groundwater Guardians to protect Cape Cod’s unconfined, sole source aquifer. The focus of this internship will be on:

  • Working on the coastal resiliency program for chemical safety and weather preparedness.
  • Creating a working database of municipal and non-profit organizations whose mission it is to protect the aquifer.
  • Social media, news/radio campaigns to raise awareness of our drinking water source on Cape Cod.

Hours: Flexible

Required skills:

  • Must have basic computer skills: Microsoft Office, Google Docs
  • Ability to use the internet and telephone
  • Organizational skills

Education level:  Open to all undergraduates who are currently enrolled at an accredited college or university, preferably having had coursework in Environmental Studies and Marketing, but not necessary.

What can you expect to gain from this internship? By the end of the semester, you will have developed a comprehensive understanding of the unconfined, sole source aquifer that is Cape Cod’s only drinking water source.  You will have a detailed understanding of the network of agencies employed to protect the aquifer.  You will clearly understand how to mount and sustain a public awareness publicity campaign.  You will understand how Barnstable County government and its municipalities are structured and how they operate. You will understand Cape Cod’s “Blue Economy” and how it affects the region.

This internship will also be offered during Spring 2019 and Summer 2019 semesters.

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