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Grant Writing Services for Barnstable County


Below you will find the most frequently asked questions we receive at the Barnstable County Resource Development Office.

If your grant development and grant writing questions have not been answered in our FAQ, we are happy to speak with you directly. Please call us!

The Resource Development Office (RDO) was established to assist the departments of Barnstable County and municipalities on Cape Cod pursue funding opportunities available through federal, state and foundation funding sources. The role of our office is to: • Research appropriate funding opportunities • Assist in the development and writing of grant proposals • Review proposals written by other departments, upon request • Provide training and technical assistance in grant writing • Provide oversight and management, such as reporting and monitoring funded projects
Our staff assists the departments of Barnstable County and the 15 municipalities of Cape Cod. However, we are happy to answer a question you have or point you in the right direction, as time permits.
During 2015, RDO received requests to collaborate on federal, state, and local grant opportunities that addressed homeland security, military families, community safety, environmental protection, substance abuse, mental wellness, economic development, and the National Park Service. The crux of these grants were awarded to our Department of Health and Environment, Human Services, the Cooperative Extension, and Children's Cove.
Yes, the RDO is available to assist you. The first step is to fill out our Intake Form or contact our staff directly.
Yes, we encourage you to look for possible funding sources for which your project qualifies. We suggest visiting first. The internet has an abundance of information on funding sources, so performing a search in google can also lead you to funding opportunities specific to project or discipline.
Assuming you have approval from your department, please fill our Intake Form or contact RDO staff directly to discuss your project idea.
Because you are the content expert and know your department and project idea the best, you will take an active role in the process.
As soon as notification is received that a grant has been awarded, RDO will plan on quarterly meetings with you to discuss the grant management piece: spending, monthly billings and invoices.
Every grant program is different and will have different reporting requirements. These requirements will be taken into account in the development phase and we will go over them with you.