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History of RDO Building



As far back as 1690 with construction of the first jail, early historical records tell us that Barnstable County provided housing to the County Sheriff and his family.

During the early 1930’s it was decided that larger, more modern buildings should replace the jail and the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Residence built in 1878. A beautiful hill-top site was selected and plans were drawn up.  However, before the new buildings could be constructed, a fire destroyed the old jail and Jailor’s House on January 25, 1935.  A new Sheriff’s Residence and House of Correction were then quickly erected in 1936 at a cost of $35,000. 

Barnstable County Sheriff's Residence built in 1936
Barnstable County Sheriff’s Residence built in 1936

This large and stately Georgian Revival housed three Barnstable County Sheriffs and their families since 1936: Lauchlan M. Crocker, Sr., Donald P. Tulloch and John J. Bowes.   

Nowadays Barnstable County Sheriffs reside in privately-owned homes, and the Barnstable County Resource Development Office occupies the former Sheriff’s Residence. The rooms of the old home have been converted into offices for the Resource Development Team and AmeriCorps Cape Cod Staff and Volunteers.

The house is listed in the Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC).